I'm Jenny and I like to make things.  I love encouraging women to unleash their creativity, dream a little bigger, realize their worth + potential, and live the abundant lives God created them for.

I consider myself creatively diverse, as I enjoy experimenting with many different mediums and learning new crafts and techniques.  I enjoy mixed media art, sewing, paper crafts, planners/planning, Bible journaling, graphic design, etc.  Some call it "multi-passionate", some say "jack-of-all-trades, master of none"; I'm just learning to embrace my diversity and am always excited to learn something new.

Likes:  dark coffee, early morning quiet time, camping, family time, SF Giants baseball games, travel, our dog Cooper, thunderstorms, fireworks, popcorn, ice cream, worship music and being home.

Dislikes:  intolerance, busyness, whining, divorce.

I’m a preschool assistant director by day, moonlighting as a creative entrepreneur. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my newly blended family.  Together, my husband and I have six children ranging in age from 20-9. There is rarely a dull (or quiet) moment around here!