April goals

I admit I was a bit ambitious when I posted my

February goals

. That list turned into February and March goals. Some were done, some are continuous, and some just didn't happen. I've decided for this month I'll just post some of my business goals. I'm taking an

Indie Business class

that is blowing my mind with awesomeness every single day. I've said this to the teachers, but I might as well let you know here too... I'm pretty sure taking this class is the best money I've spent online. Like


. Seriously, it's that good.

I'm in also in a business sharing/ accountability/ goals meet up group


, and it's great to see what everyone is accomplishing and posting goals publicly makes me want to make them happen. Here's my list for this month, as scribbled earlier today:

As far as my other goals, things on my list for the


and my

40x40 list

, I'll just post pictures and updates as they're completed