boys just wanna have fun

Tonight my 11 year old son told me about some prank calls he, his cousin and his friend made a few weeks ago. I asked when they did this, and he informed me that it was a time when they were here, at our house, using our phone book a few weeks back. I was a little surprised I was just now hearing about it. He said, "Don't worry Mom, we used *67." Apparently, if you dial *67 before making a call, it doesn't show your number on caller ID and they can't call you back.
The stories were kinda hilarious and I really couldn't get mad. I told him I made plenty of prank calls when I was a kid, and that it's good clean fun. It was kind of a nice bonding moment for us. But I decided to give him a few rules. #1. Never call 911. #2. Never scare anyone. #3. If you call someone and it annoys them, don't call them back. I also told him it was probably best that he told me about it after the fact. I told him in this case, it's probably best not to ask permission because it might put me in an awkward position and I might have to say no.
Any other rules I should have thought of?

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