Brene Brown's new dvd

This has been a week of going in way too many directions. Schedules can be hectic in a family of six. (maybe I'll share a week in our life sometime.) I'm feeling the need to hunker down and just BE with my family lately. Soon we'll be on summer time and I'm going to make sure we savor the slowness.

My mentor and friend


lent me this dvd recently and I had to watch it twice, it was so good.

Brene Brown

is a friend of Mati's and

her blog

is definitely worth checking out. You can find info about her dvd "The Hustle for Worthiness. Exploring the Power of Love, Belonging, and Being Enough"



The part that really struck me was when she imagined being in a group of moms from the PTO, and after being asked how she was doing, the response she supposed giving was this:


I'm really good. I'm well rested. I'm doing meaningful work. I'm working out. My kids and I are under-committed. And every day we wake up and dare to be mediocre.


And I've decided that I want that to be my response. Sometimes we set high goals for ourselves (and goals are good) but we forget that sometimes we just need to BE. Rest is important. (another line that I took note of from the dvd was, "

Exhaustion should not be a status symbol

.") Quality time with family is imperative. We don't always have to be super productive. I don't want to be an overachiever. I want to be just what my family needs. Exactly who I was created to be and do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.