chocolate chip pancakes


It's a chocolate chip morning here today.  Every so often, you just need chocolate chip pancakes.  I decided to share the love and let you in on my super-simple-not-so-secret recipe.


Sometimes I make pancakes from scratch.  But I'll be honest.. most days, especially school and work days, I start with a (just add water) mix.  I don't measure anything (This drives my sister crazy. When she asks for measurements, I usually just shrug and say, "However much.")  I scoop some mix into a bowl, add water and whisk, adding more water until the consistency seems right, and then I add the magic.  I like to add a little extra love to my pancakes, in the form of vanilla and almond extracts.  This is the base of pretty much every version of pancakes I make... then I stir in the final ingredient, which today was chocolate chips, but could also be blueberries, bananas, etc.