Common Grounds

Common Grounds

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I've been involved in lots of ministries over the years. I've been a youth leader, Sunday School teacher, and nursery worker. I've been in several countries on missions trips and prayed with people at altars. I've made many a meal for families with new babies. I've done dramas, served food at funeral meals, and been in leadership for the marriage ministry. I'm on the steering team for our MOPS group, I've been a speaker at retreats. I was in choir and even had a strange singing role in a Singing Christmas Tree several years ago ("ate so much that I feel like a cow, cow, cow!"). But my favorite ministry I've ever been involved in is working in Common Grounds, the coffee shop at our church. It used to be a shed outside, which I fondly called "the coffee shack". I love coffee and I love people. There's something about putting the two together that I get such joy from. This morning I was in Starbucks and noticed a pamphlet from T-mobile. The cover said "Connect over coffee". And that's what happens when those magic little beans do their thing. There's just comfort in that aroma. At the beginning of the year, our church opened a new coffee shop. No longer are we just a shed outside. We have a full counter with all the tools of the trade, and tables and even a couch for people to sit with their warm goodness in a cup and connect. That's where the name came from. We're all about relationships, and we wanted to create a place where people could connect in a non-threatening way, a place to find what they have in common, to relate in a real, non churchy way. I have the pleasure of working the first Sunday of each month, and on Wednesday nights. I love being there, getting to know people and chatting for a few minutes while they patiently wait for me to finish their drinks. I've learned what a lot of them like and can start their drinks before they even order. I love that. It's like the guy at Baskin Robbins who knows my favorite ice cream flavors. You feel special when someone takes the time to know you, and know what you like. That's how I want to be with people who come to Common Grounds. You really don't have to be preaching a sermon or teaching a class to reach out to someone. Sometimes just serving them a cup of coffee with a smile is exactly what they need.

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