cookie day!

A while back, I posted about a

cookie party

that my good friend Corliss does every year.  She did a special one in the summer before we moved, and contacted me when she set the date for the Christmas party so that we could participate from afar.  See, every year, she fills her home with friends and food, while everyone bakes, decorates, and eats while utilizing her amazing recipes and skill.  On Saturday, we got ready by making some sugar cookie dough (

recipe found here

), mixing up frosting, and gathering cookie cutters and sprinkles.  We listened to Christmas music and had fun cutting the shapes and then frosting our cookies. 

Mercy is a girl after my own heart... we both sampled our share of dough (the best part of baking!).

Here, the kids are rolling and cutting out their shapes.

A highlight was getting to join our friends back in California using Skype.  One of our friends there brought a laptop and called us so we could experience cookie day together.  The picture was a little blurry, and we couldn't hear them very well, but it was fun to see them and know we were taking part in one of our favorite traditions of the Christmas season with friends.

While on the call, Corliss opened the box I sent and passed out these coffee sleeves to all who were there.  

We had a great day and had (notice the past tense of this statement.. it was five days ago, after all!) some beautiful and delicious cookies to boot.

Here's a sampling of what was created.

Later, my Little Miss Claus got a ride in her sleigh by two fun and willing reindeer throughout the house!