dear 2010,

I'm quite certain that I've never ever been more excited for New Year's.  I don't have any plans for tonight (I'll go to bed early because I work in the morning.  But I'll be delighted to welcome the new year when I get up at 3am.) but I've never been more thrilled to say goodbye to one year and begin another.  2009 was hard.  Really hard.  Good too, and full of blessing.  But I'm really looking forward to a fresh start.  There's so much hope with a new year.  It's almost like spring time, with new life and new excitement.  I'm almost giddy over here with anticipation.  I watched the movie

Facing the Giants

again today and was moved to tears several times.  There really is nothing that's impossible with God.  I'll praise Him on the days that are hard and I'll praise Him on the days that are great.  He truly is good all the time.

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