decisions, decisions.

I recently got an iphone. For Valentines Day. Kind of convenient for my husband, my phone contract is up for renewal every two years on Valentines Day. So he knows just what to get me (an upgrade). This year we switched to AT&T. Joe got his iphone a few months ago so I've been playing with his a little and waiting very patiently (of course) for my turn. Last week my time came. I have joined the club and am loving my new phone. So far, I haven't dropped it... but let's just say according to my history, it's just a matter of time. Before I got my phone, I was eyeing cases.

I thought I was settled on this one:

Incase Slider Case for iPhone 3GS

But when I went to the apple store (online) I found some others that I really liked too. Like this one:

Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 3GS

Then I spotted this one and thought it would be just the thing for someone like me who drops their phone often.

Speck PixelSkin Case for iPhone 3G

This one is super cute too (and also durable):

kate spade new york Case for iPhone 3GS

Another on the pretty list:

Contour HardSkin inked for iPhone 3GS

This one is super cute and springy too:

AGENT18 FlowerVest Refresh Cover for iPhone 3GS

Which one would you pick? Are you a phone dropper?

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