dream car

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was expecting another baby. Probably because some good friends of ours just announced their fifth is on the way. SO not gonna happen here... but the part of the dream that I remember most vividly was freaking out because we'd need a new car. Right now we don't have a car that fits the six of us. When we (rarely) go anywhere all together, we have to take separate cars. So I was distressed in my dream at the thought of having to get a vehicle that would fit a fifth child.

If I were able to choose any vehicle for our family, I'd definitely want to pick out a vw bus. One with original features, or a fully restored beauty. Either way, I love the charm and character of these buses. We had a couple of them throughout my childhood. I remember an orange one and a brown one, but I think there was a cream colored one in an old home movie too. I would love love love to have one for our little brood. I even have some fabric stashed away that I would use to make curtains. =)


anybody wanna

"buy it now"

for me? (ebay)