February goals

When I posted my

goals for 2010

, I was off to a good start. I started with my

40x40 list

and made some goals for the year. I accomplished some of them in January but I realized I need a plan so I can make sure that by November I'm not stuck with half my list to complete in just a few weeks before the end of the year. I've decided to break my goals down monthly and post them here (accountability really is a good incentive for me.), and I'll also break them down weekly and schedule things in my planner. Otherwise this will just be a big to do list that seems too daunting and I'll end up with a big bowl of popcorn, watching online movies instead of accomplishing these goals.

So my February goals are as follows:


1. I started this

Praying the Names of God

book and want to continue with the daily readings. SO good.

2. My favorite favorite way to read the entire Bible is using the

Narrarated Bible in Chronological Order

. My goal is to read for at least a half hour a day. If you've ever wanted to read the Bible all the way through, I highly recommend this Bible. You get narrative paragraphs throughout the text which include background info, context related tidbits, etc. and it reads like a story so it all flows and you really get the big picture.

3. I'm beginning an 8 week nutrition and fitness program with


next Monday (totally free, offered to Starbucks partners. woohoo!)

4. begin the

Couch to 5k

running plan

family/ home:

5. make bread

6. start planning backyard garden for this spring

7. weekly menu plans

8. try at least one new recipe this month

9. take the kids to a park we've never been to

10. date with Joe (this will be a tough one, but hopefully we can squeeze something in amidst the crazy work schedules)

business/ blog:

11. blog daily

12. contact head of local spring craft fair about having a booth

13. create new blog graphics

14. do collaborative paintings with


upload to


for prints

15. complete and upload spring collection to


16. print and use

these forms

to keep track of etsy sales/ goals


16. complete

Style School

projects and upload to


17. participate in

Illustration Friday

at least once this month

18. try a new craft or art project with the kids

19. make a doll for


20. complete

Joe's drawing tattoo style roses course

And here are some things I accomplished in January:

1. Enrolled in


's Style School with




, which I'm having lots of fun with, and I'm also learning a lot about my own style. I'm trying new things and figuring out how to incorporate my (developing) signature look into my art, crafts, wardrobe and home.

2. made my own

laundry detergent

, with fantastic results.

3. made a skirt out of a repurposed sweater/shawl/poncho thingy (and wore it to church a few days later).

4. I'm pretty sure I tried more than one new recipe this month. Just yesterday I made a super yummy chicken and wild rice soup (


from my Minnesota friend Dawn. so so good. Everyone loved it).

5. I started learning to crochet (

this is a very helpful website

. I really want to start making granny squares like my great grandma Ruby used to make.)

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