flying lessons and a new summer schedule

I am so LOVING Kelly Rae Robert's

Flying Lessons

e-course. So full of great info and so much generosity going around from Kelly plus all the participants like crazy. This is my second online business class in the last few months, so I'm absorbing so much and loving it all. It's not too late to sign up! I just checked, and she's still accepting registrations. It's very very rich in content and a lot to take in, but you can work at your own pace. She's having a baby in a few months, so this is probably the only time she'll be offering the course this year. If you need a boost for your biz or are still trying to figure out how to get started, this might be just the right opportunity for you!

I've cut my hours back at work, only working about half the hours I had been, and I'm only there two days a week now. This is my second week on the new schedule and to be honest, it's a little strange. When I started working last summer (remember, this is my first job outside the home since having kids over 12 years ago!), I was sad to have to go to work and really missed my mornings at home. It's great to be home more (and to not get up at 3am five days a week!) but I actually kind of miss it on the days that I'm not there. I love my coworkers and our regular customers. I miss seeing them every morning!

I was telling one of my sisters the other day... This is the second time in the last couple of years that I've done something I really didn't want to do but ended up loving it and it was hard to let it go. (The other major event was moving to Minnesota. Didn't want to go, went anyway and fell in love, then it was hard to leave when we came back to CA.)

It will be great to have the flexibility this summer to do more things with the family and be able to venture out a little farther from home during the week. AND to not be so tired every afternoon when we're doing activities. Last summer we were at a big pool with some friends. This pool had a huge regular swimming pool, a couple of areas with waterslides, a big kiddie pool play area, and a regular playground (dry). My older kids were off swimming and sliding with friends, and I had Mercy and Judah (then ages 3 and 1) at the playground. I had sort of squatted down and was leaning against a pole while they were playing. Next thing I knew, I woke up because Judah had wandered about 30 feet away, out from under the shade cover that was above the playground equipment, and was screaming because his feet were hot on the sidewalk! That was a scary literal wake up call! Poor little guy... I was sorry his feet hurt, but so glad that stopped him from going any further or falling into a pool!

This is (finally) our last week of school.. seems like my our kids are the last ones out this year! We don't have any big plans, but are hoping for lots of day trips and some camping here and there. What are your plans?