Friday Nights at the Plaza:: week one


Our town has a summer event called Friday Nights at the Plaza. Sort of a farmer's market, with live music, food vendors and various sellers from the community and beyond. Last year, when we'd only lived here for a few months, we attended a couple of times, and this year I decided to apply to be a vendor.

Friday Nights at the Plaza started last night and will continue through the end of July. I brought my boy Zeke (10) last night for some good one on one time (and for an extra set of helping hands). There were not a lot of people who came out last night, and I had zero sales, but I still had a really good night over all and am hopeful about better sales success in the coming weeks.

A few bright sides from last night's experience:

1. I had a great time with Zeke. He was an awesome helper and really fun to have with me.

2. I won't have to be super busy making things this week to replace what I sold.

3. People who came in kept saying things like, "You're so creative." "You're very talented!" "What a good idea!" "Your work is really lovely and unique." (I don't mind spending a Friday night hearing those things!)

4. I love our community and it was fun being out there meeting people/ talking with friends.

5. New things in the works for next week!