happy mother's day!!!

This is my mom with my sisters and me... probably around 1975. I'm the one on the right. I think I was about 3. Notice the cowboy boots. And my mom was most likely barefoot. She was almost always barefoot.. she still prefers to be that way. I remember one time when we were in high school... my mom got this crazy idea that we should go to Baskin Robbins for ice cream barefoot! She had this little spark in her eye, because she knew we were breaking the rules ("No shoes, no shirt, no service"). We all giggled and wondered if we'd get caught! (we didn't.)

She's always been a fun mom. Some of my favorite memories are of her being up earlier than everyone else, reading the Bible and drinking her coffee. Cereal boxes and bowls were always arranged on the table so we could help ourselves to breakfast while she finished her quiet time. Money was tight in our family but she was always creative with activites and fun things for us to do. She loved to bake, and I remember coming home to some amazing "after school snacks". Some of my favorites were her double chocolate chip pudding cookies and her delicious cinnamon bread.

I'm really wishing I could go see her today. She lives two hours away, but I'll be here taxiing Brooklyn around to rehearsals for her upcoming play.

Happy Mothers Day to you Mom! I love you! xoxo