happy valentines day!!!

Whether or not you have a "valentine" this year, I hope you're having a great day today! I know that this is a holiday that can bring sadness just looking at all the mushy stuff all around in the weeks leading up to this day. I do hope you know that the One who created you loves you deeper and more passionately than any love you could ever find in anyone else. When my soul is feeling lonely, I love to put on some lovey worship songs and dance and sing and feel His presence. His love is so amazing.


Joe and I surprised each other with handmade gifts for Valentines Day this year. (the very best kind of gifts are always handmade, in my opinion!)


My gift from Joe. I love his artwork, and custom just-for-me pieces are my favorite! (You can check out his blog and some of his artwork


. We're planning to get a portfolio with more of his work set up really soon. When we do, I'll link to it here. If you're ever in the San Francisco bay area and need/want a tattoo, I definitely recommend his work!)


I made this pillow for him. "yst1" is kind of our


It all started when we were engaged... One day when I was listening to "Still the One" by Orleans and I thought forward to our life together and hoped that we'd be saying one day "we're still having fun, and you're still the one." Yes, marriage is hard. Yes, this is a super hard season for us. But in the big picture, we've been through a lot and are going through a lot, but we're going through it together.

And Joe, you're still the one.


It was hard to find a good video recording of this song on youtube, because most were live recordings from concerts. The one I've posted here is full of cheesy images and has the lyrics. But the sound quality is good.

Next is Shania Twain's "You're Still the One". This is not the one that inspired the pillow, but it's good too. Enjoy your day with your loves!

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