home tour part one

We've been in our new place for a few weeks now so I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into our dwelling. We'll start with the backyard. Two reasons... first, because it's the BEST part (I could stay there all day), and secondly because our furnishings and housewares are still in a storage unit in Minnesota. We've pieced things together so that it's liveable, but I'll wait to share pictures until it's furnished and embellished with our personal touches and style (which is changing by the minute).

Here's what I see from the kitchen window...

Humming bird feeder (reminder to fill it today)... There are other bird feeders throughout the yard also, and we get visits from a squirrel that our kids named "Dog".

Star of jasmine mmmmm... (Nice trellis maze thing that provides a little privacy from the walking/running/bike trail that runs along the side of our house, and makes a fun place to play.)

Back of the house view from the corner. The stones you see here lead to a storage shed, which we'll fill quickly once we retrieve our stuff from MN.

I was sitting in the swing when I took this next shot. This is a view I see often, as I sit here while rocking Judah or while hanging here with another child from time to time for a chat. This patio is currently much more colorful with lots of chalk drawings. Mercy is so excited she's learned to make an "M" all by herself! You can see the lillies here... there are also daffodils, rose bushes galore, and other lovelies that I have no idea of their names, but I do want to learn to take care of them. At the right of this photo, beyond where you can see, there are raised gardening boxes. Some contain rose bushes, some are longing to be filled (and I'm longing to fill them... good combo!). The kids are excited to help grow some veggies. All along the fence on the right side, there is a raised bed with a soaker hose in place. We just need to get out there and prepare the area and then start planting. I was talking to my sister-in-law yesterday and she recommended a book that I'll search for at the library today... Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots: Gardening Together with Children. Sounds fun! I love the idea of a pizza garden!

It is so exciting for us to have this beautiful yard. We have always been renters, and a lot of times yards are not kept up in rental homes, and it would be so much work (and costly) to start from scratch.. a lot of places we've lived have just had dead grass in the yard. In Minnesota we had a very nice yard also... such lush grass... so nice to relax in. And there was a nice corn field behind the house, which was fun. But the trees.. oh how I'm in love with the trees here. It's such a peaceful, shady yard with just the right amount of sun. I hope you hear birds singing where you are right now. Springtime is so beautiful!

Thanks for coming on this little tour. We're hoping it won't be long before we can make a trip back to get our belongings and personalize the inside of the home with familiar touches (which will hopefully help Mercy feel more secure/less testy... oh the exhaustion right now). Stay tuned for more home tour installments!

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