I choose thankfulness.

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Today and every day, I have so much to be thankful for.  Sometimes we (I) get stuck worrying about things, but I'm choosing to focus on being thankful.  I have four amazing kids, and when I look back at the journey we've been on the last two and a half years, I'm amazed at the way God has provided, comforted, and guided us.  His love has never held me so tenderly as it has throughout the time since I've become a single mom.  They say trials show you who your friends are.  I've been blown away by the support and love of family and friends who have come alongside in ways I would have never imagined, and definitely don't deserve.  I told my sister once that I don't wish anyone to go through this, but I do wish everyone could experience the love I've felt because of it.  It's been so overwhelming and so healing.  

I'm thankful for the friends and family who have been there for us in countless ways.  I'm thankful for my sisters who made time to get together on Sunday, because my kids were so sad they'd be missing their cousins this Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful that God has brought an amazing man (and his two sweet children) into our lives, and that his family has welcomed the five of us with open arms.  I'm thankful that I'm able to be present and available for my kids.  I'm thankful for the dear friend who has allowed me to rent part of her house and puts up with the noise and occasional chaos that we bring to her otherwise silent home.  I'm thankful for a boss who has been so understanding and accomodating with my schedule, and for a job (and co-workers) that I enjoy.  I'm thankful for our church, which has been a place of refuge for all of us, as well as providing opportunities for us to serve others.  I'm thankful for my children, who didn't ask for any of this, but have adapted and grown, and keep me going.  Their love and laughter brightens my days.  And mostly I'm thankful that no matter how many times I blow it, God's love never fails.  I am not alone.  I am thankful.

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