incredible gift

First of all, I have to PRAISE GOD and share with you that Joe got a phone call yesterday from.. his new boss...  He got the job!!!  And he's so excited about it!  Not only will he be doing what he loves (which he did here too) but also working in a great area, and with so much freedom to be himself, be innovative and expand in new ways.  So starting in March, if you're in the San Francisco area and want a tattoo, let me know and I'll give you all the info.  He's also working on some painting videos that he'll start selling through his website, and has a couple of series paintings that are super cool.  In the words of our nine year old Zeke, "I think Dad pretty much got the job because his art rocks."

I'm also writing this today because I'm feeling so thankful for all that God has done.  Joe was disappointed that things didn't go the way he was hoping at the shop here, but feels like if he hadn't come, he'd always wonder "what if", and he says that he probably needed this to give him the push to expand his art and try new things (He'll be putting together an art show with other artists hopefully in a few months too).  

I honestly feel like we've been given such an incredible gift.  I have never felt so loved than I have this past year.  A lot of times we wait until we're at someone's funeral to talk about how much they meant to us.  After all the kindness that's been shown, all the meaningful words spoken, all the love poured out, I feel like someone could just toss my ashes out a window on the freeway when I'm gone and be done with it.  They don't need to gather and share memories or say nice things about me when I'm gone because they've done it for me, with me, this last year.  Old friends, new friends.  I just feel so full.  To think back at how sad I was writing this first post about our move... I knew without a doubt that God would carry me through it.  But He hugely exceeded my expectations in every way.  It's been so amazing.  And I can honestly say... worth every tear.