jenuine ruby:: bag for Mati


I gave handmade gifts to two sweet birthday girls in December. This was the first project made with a "jenuine ruby" label. (I'll post the second tomorrow.) This is a messenger bag, made for

Mati Rose

. I've been loving corduroy so much lately. I love the look and the velvety soft feel.


I really can't get enough corduroy lately. I bought a few new corduroy fabrics, but what I really love is treasure hunting in thrift stores. This bag was made from thrifted corduroy pants. I took the back pocket off of one pair for an inner pocket in the bag. The lining is from a thrifted baby crib sheet. I love the bright colors, and Mati seemed quite pleased with it too. I was thrilled that she liked it, and I'll probably be making more of these in the future. I really want a bright corduroy bag for myself now.