last week, this week

Last week I was busy making things. I made some new coffee sleeves, which are available

here in my etsy shop.

(There are some others there too... go see!)



"key limon"

"olive juice"

"paisley passion"


"skulls and roses"

"spring bliss"

"sunny day"


I also made several of these yo-yo headbands. Some for my girls, some as gifts for birthdays. They've been a pretty big hit. I decided to make a bunch more (with the encouragement of

Mati Rose McDonough

), to take with me to a crafting fundraiser I'm participating in next Saturday. I'm also doing a small craft fair next Sunday and then another a few weeks later. This week I'll be busy stitching away on these little lovelies. I'll let you know when I add some to my shop. Hopefully May will be a good business month for Jenuine Ruby! I'll keep you posted.

My girls were lovely in their headbands. They each chose the fabrics they wanted and waited oh-so-patiently for me to finish.

At the end of our little photo shoot, they heard a familiar song on Pandora and busted out the microphone hairbrushes and sang along. I love it. (the song was "Love Song" by Colbie Caillat)

Also last week, I was in the drive thru at work a couple of days. I thought I was a good multi-tasker, but something about me and drive thru just don't get along very well. I guess I'm getting better at it, but I'm much better talking to customers who come inside, where I can focus on one at a time. I'm still multi-tasking there too, helping with pastries and breakfast sandwiches for drive-thru, and I'm pretty good at keeping fresh coffee brewed every 8 minutes! I have a lot more respect/ sympathy when I go to drive-thrus now. Please be patient. It ain't easy, people!