little pink houses

On Friday night, I took Brooklyn out for a fun night on the town. We rode on BART to San Francisco. The Mission district has lots of yummy spots to eat. For this occasion, we opted for berry pie at

Mission Pie

. SO good!

Next, we headed over to the Curiosity Shoppe for the Little Pink Houses collaboration art show with Mati Rose McDonough and Lisa Congdon. They are both such great artists, and it was fun to see the show after having met Lisa on one of my first days with Mati, and hearing about/ seeing the project along the way.

I also got to meet Kelly Rae Roberts, author of Taking Flight, and who I have to thank for the round-about (through her book and links from her blog) introduction to Mati. We met a couple of other new friends too, who I recognized from the blog/art world.

They even had the cutest little pink cupcakes. I thought that was such a sweet touch.

Lisa's dog Wilfredo really wanted a bite of Brooklyn's cupcake. (Isn't his pink tie adorable?!)

Here's my cute little date on the BART ride home. We had such a blast together.

More press and photos about the show here:

Lisa Congdon's blog


Mati's blog

, an

interview of Mati

on artists who blog, and a celebration of friendship on

Kelly Rae Robert's blog


And both Mati and Lisa will have booths at the

Renegade Craft Fair

in SF this weekend.