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In Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way, she recommends that creatives regularly go on artist's dates.  In fact, she has a companion book dedicated to this, The Artist's Date.  Today, I encourage you in the same way...

make a date.

I have the Kindle version, The Miracle of the Artist's Date: 52 Ideas for Activities that will Nourish Your Creative Soul.  The ideas in this book have a wide range:  go to a park, buy a glitter pen, spend a day in silence just to name a few. 

On day 21 of this Make Your Mark series,  I encouraged you to give yourself permission to take a break and do something else.  Often, taking a break naturally turns into an artist's date.  You're doing something different, and it inspires your creativity.   Today, the concept is similar, except that you should't just wait for a creative block or until you're feeling overwhelmed.  Make taking yourself on an artist's date a regular (like weekly) part of your routine.  

You may feel like you can't take that much time away each week, and would feel guilty doing so.  You may feel like it's not being productive enough.  Let me assure you... taking time to proactively nourish your creative soul is not being irresponsible.  It's actually the opposite.  Making artist's dates a regular practice is like taking your creative vitamins.  It helps you stay strong and healthy creatively.  Remaining inside your studio or work area, inspiring as your space may be, limits what can flow through you.  Expose yourself to fresh air, fresh perspective and fresh inspiration (it's everywhere!).

You don't have to set aside a whole day out of each week.  It may be just an hour or two.  The important thing is to do it consistently.  This is something I'm working on, and need to do more regularly.  Currently, I go on artist's dates about once a month.  My goal is to do it weekly.  Do you have a favorite go-to artist's date?

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