make a vision board.

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If you've been following along for the past few days (see full list of posts in this series here), we've made peace with our unique purpose, allowed ourselves to dream big, and talked about creating a mission statement.  Today's topic is to 

make a vision board.

I'm sure you've seen examples and maybe you've even made them before.  As you think about your business going forward, is it time for a new one, which really gives you a visual of what you're about and what you'd like to pursue?

A vision board can be a really great tool and motivator.  When you put a lot of thought into what goes onto it, and are intentional with each piece, your vision board can serve as an encourager.  

I find it helpful to journal about big dreams.  Allow yourself some time to list all the things you would do if you had all the confidence and resources needed to succeed.  Continually pray and ask God to reveal His purpose for you and for your business.  Then go through magazines and search keywords to find images to print that represent each of those things.  There are no rules.. you can add images, words, artwork, brochures; add whatever you like.  Just make sure it encompasses all that you're striving for.

There are many different ways you can create a vision board.  The most common is on poster board, but you can also add a section to a planner or traveler's notebook so that you can carry it with you.  A Pinterest board is also a great starting point, but I encourage you to also get it onto something physical.  

I work with children, and I'm a big proponent of process art versus product.  Product art is when there is a specific outcome the artwork is supposed to have, where children follow directions to create an end product.  (In one preschool I worked, we called these "parent pleasers").    Process art is more free.  Children use their imaginations to create with supplies and tools, with the focus on experimenting and play.

As adults, we often expect a beautiful result when we create.  I want to encourage you to let yourself be free here.  Pull images that speak to you.  Turn on music that inspires you.  Start arranging pieces and gluing them down.  Don't worry about the end product.  You'll want to put your vision board somewhere you can see it often, so it serves its purpose as a motivator and reminder of what you're working towards, but the process of creating it and the purpose of inspiration are what matters most.

I'm still gathering for mine, and I plan to create both a board and a traveler's notebook.  I'll post those when they're finished.  For now, I cautiously share some inspiration for vision boards on Pinterest.  Please don't get intimidated by vision boards that are beautiful and perfect.  Focus on the images and words you add, and make sure they speak to what YOUR goals are and what YOU are trying to accomplish.  

Have you made a vision board?  I'd love to see it!  Post a link in the comments (or email me if you'd rather share privately).

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