make adjustments.

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Part of taking a wholehearted approach to creative business is to constantly evaluate what's working, what's not working and how you want to grow.  Once you've established your mission statement set some goals, and started working towards them, it's important to stay grounded in your purpose and when necessary, 

make adjustments.

You may find that what you've been working towards no longer feels inspired and you're feeling called in another direction.  Or you may just want to tweak something you're doing to make it even more in line with your overall goals.

The great thing about being an entrepreneur is that you get to make the rules.  As you grow, your business may need to branch out.  Or become more focused in one area.  Be sure to allow some flexibility in your business plan.  You don't want to become rigid, following a plan that no longer suits you.  At the same time, if you change directions too often, you become wishy-washy and risk losing credibility that you've worked hard to build.

It's a good idea to review at the end of each month, quarter and year.  It  can be a simple review.  Evaluate your goals.  Did you meet them?  List what went well, and make note of why it went well so that you can continue that.  What was most challenging?  Did you find a way to overcome it, or did you move it to the back burner?  How can you tackle that challenge moving forward?  Based on your review, are there adjustments you need to make?  New goals to set?  Previous goals to scratch or tailor to align with your purpose?

There's freedom in being able to make adjustments to your wholehearted creative business as you grow.  Embrace the flexibility.  Changing direction is NOT a sign of failure; it's a sign of wisdom.  Being true to yourself and your calling is to remain wholehearted.  Stay in tune to what matters most, and pray for Divine guidance in your decision making.

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