make amends.

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There are going to be times in your business when you make mistakes.  It's important to learn from them, and it's equally important (if not more important) to

make amends.

Wholehearted creative business is about connecting with people.  Whether you personally make the connection, or it's your product that connects with your customers, you wouldn't go very far without the people you serve.

Take care of those connections.  They are real people who deserve the best from you.  They also realize that you are a person, and that people make mistakes.  Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.  No matter if the mistake was your fault or someone else's, do what you can to remedy the situation for your customer.  

A year or two ago, Cori Spieker, the Reset Girl had a collaboration with Simple Stories.  She designed an entire line of planner inserts for the Carpe Diem planner.  I preordered my planner and was very eager to receive it.  Well, production took a bit longer than expected, and our estimated time of arrival for the planners was about a month later than originally planned.  This was completely out of Cori's control, but she felt bad about not being able to deliver on time, so she created an exclusive sticker set just for those who had preordered the planners and had to wait for them.  She really made the unfortunate wait into a sweet deal for us.  Everybody likes to get something exclusive, and it made it a bit serendipitous for those of us who had preordered.

If something goes wrong in your business that affects your customers, try to think of something you can do to turn the situation around for them.  Obviously, you'll apologize, but what can you do to go above and beyond, that will make them almost grateful for the mistake being made because your making amends turned out to be a nice surprise?  It would be a good idea to try to predict some mishaps that could potentially occur so you can brainstorm how you might try to rectify the situation.  You can make an if/then list in your journal.

The main thing is to show your customers that you care.  Mistakes happen, and they understand that, but being wholehearted means going the extra mile to make up for whatever inconvenience was caused.

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