make an appearance.

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My business is a work in progress.  It's important to say that right off the bat because out of all the topics in this Write 31 Days series, the one we're covering today is the one I'm least good at.  It also could be a factor as to why my business hasn't had great success.  In order to grow you wholehearted creative business, you have to 

make an appearance.

As in marketing.  Show up online.  Put yourself out there.  I know this is a scary one.  You pour your heart into your work, and there is such vulnerability in sharing it.  You might feel exposed and aren't sure you're comfortable with what might happen if people see what you've created.  You worry it's not good enough and fear the nay-sayers who doubt your ability.  You start to wonder who you think you are for even attempting this creative business in the first place.

But your work matters.  You were given this dream because someone needs it.  You have a gift and it's meant to be shared.  Don't hold back because you're afraid someone is judging you.  They probably aren't.. but even if they are, keep going because their opinions aren't what counts.  You were called to create and to be a light.  Be brave and share it.

There are a lot of ways to make an appearance on social media.  You don't necessarily have to be active on every platform, but choose a couple that feel like a good fit for you and start posting.  

My favorite (at this present time) is Instagram.  I use Later to schedule posts and it allows you to link to a specific page like a blog post or special promotion.  You can post photos of your work on Instagram and make it a gallery or portfolio.  You can also post behind the scenes images.  People love to see work in progress photos, and get a glimpse of your workspace.  A few family pics or photos of where you live help people get to know you and connect with the person behind the product.  

Other social media avenues to consider are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, blogging and Pinterest.  I use all of them personally but have not fully utilized each one in my creative business.  If any of those are of interest to you, or you think your ideal customers are likely to use them, do a quick search on Pinterest or YouTube and I'm sure you'll get lots of results with tips on how to put them to work in your business.

Wherever you decide to post, keep the big picture in mind.  Remember your mission and keep in line with your brand.  Make sure your images are clear and taken in good light.  Be authentic.  Interact with others by commenting on their posts and responding to comments on yours.  

Shine your light, even when it's scary.  

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