make an investment.

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Whatever stage you're in as an entrepreneur in your wholehearted creative business, it's important to pour back into your business.

make an investment.

I'm not talking about tools, equipment and supplies needed to run your business.  Those things are a given, and you'll purchase them as you can, either up front if you have some capital to start with, or as you earn the money to buy them.

Today I'm talking about investing in things that have to do with the upkeep of your business itself as well as the entrepreneur behind it (that's you!).  Here are a few ways you can invest that will enhance your business:

1.  Take a class or e-course.

This is a great way to learn a new skill, improve on a skill you currently use in your business or just play (think artist date).  Taking a class on a topic you are interested in will greatly help your business, even if it doesn't directly relate to it.  I primarily work with fabric (sewing) and am a mixed media artist.  If I take a pottery class just for fun, I'm exercising my creativity, so even though I'm not learning something that relates to sewing or painting, I am using the creative part of my brain.  

Let's compare this to an athlete.  If a basketball player spends time in the gym lifting weights, even though weight lifting is not his sport, he's building muscle, bettering himself as an athlete.  Whatever medium we work or play in, we're building creative muscle, which ultimately enhances our creative practice.

You can also invest in a class which will help you with the business side of things in your business.  Perhaps an e-course about web design, so you don't have to pay someone else to build your website, or a class on all the legal stuff we don't like to have to take care of.

2.  Join a membership site.

There are plenty of options out there if you are interested in finding a sisterhood of creatives and/ or entrepreneurs to connect with online.  The thing to be careful about here is the amount of time you spend connecting.  It's awesome to find like minded people online who understand what you're doing as you build your business more than anyone in your real life circle can.  But don't spend so much time in these groups that it takes away from your productivity.  Here are a few favorite membership groups that I've found over the years.

Created to Thrive

Brave Girl University

Hello Soul Hello Business

She Works His Way


Luminaries Club

Get Messy Art Journal Community


Of course there are lots of others.  If this is something you're interested in, do some research and write down or bookmark the ones that spark something in you, then narrow it down and decide where you want to invest.  Most have monthly membership fees and you can cancel anytime... but be sure to get all the details before you get yourself locked into something.

3.  Attend a creative retreat or conference.

I was just about to say this one is my favorite, but they're all my favorites.  Again, there are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices out there, so you should be able to find something you'd like to go to whether locally or as a getaway.  Here are some that I've either attended or would like to in the future:

Gathering of Artisans

Brave Girl Symposium

1440 Mulitiversity


Inspired Retreat


Cruisin with the Reset Girl



Do you have any resources for classes, workshops, memberships or retreats to share?  Have you participated in something that has really benefited you as a person and entrepreneur?  Please share in the comments!

I'm not receiving any affiliate commissions for recommending any of these.  I just believe strongly in investing in these type of experiences to help your creativity and business grow.

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