make believe.

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Sometimes in our wholehearted creative businesses, it's necessary to

make believe.

There's a two part meaning behind this that we'll discuss today.

First, we have to believe in ourselves.  I know it's really hard to do sometimes because we have a hard time believing we have what it takes.  But believing in yourself can go along way in making things happen.  When we can muster up some faith in our purpose and our ability, we can move mountains with our creative work.  

Imagine you're trying to ride a bicycle for the first time.  If you start out thinking you're going to fail, you're probably going to be really wobbly and your chances of being successful are slim.  But if you start out with determination that you're going to ride that bike, you're much more likely to do what it takes to get those pedals in motion, and soon you'll be riding down the street like a natural.

The second part of this is to do like Mr. Rogers and visit the land of Make Believe.  Imagine that you've achieved a big goal you've been working towards.  Spend sometime daydreaming or journaling what that looks like.  How does it feel?  Who have you affected by reaching your goal?  What is your daily routine like?  Try to really see yourself on the other side of any obstacles that have come up, enjoying the success of your achievement.  What has this made way for?  What new aspirations might you have?

Allowing yourself to daydream a little about your dreams and goals is a good way to spark some motivation.  When you can see yourself as having arrived at something big that you've been pouring so much effort into, it pushes you to want it more than ever.  You'll do what it takes to get there and push through whatever resistance might be slowing you down.

Believe that you were made for this.  You have what it takes.  

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