make good on your promises.

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Today's topic should go without saying, but a friendly reminder doesn't hurt...

make good on your promises.

You've heard the saying, "Under promise, over deliver."  It's simple, yet profound advice for your wholehearted creative business.  

First, be careful making promises.  Don't promise something you can't make good on.  This goes for deadlines, delivery dates, product quality, expected results, etc.  Everything in your business that has the potential for wow factor is better to be praised by your customers than by you.  If you think you can deliver a product in two days, say three or four, just to be safe. Wouldn't you rather surprise a customer by delivering sooner than expected than upset them by having to wait longer than what was promised?

Over deliver.  Throw in something a little extra or make the packaging really special.  You don't have to spend a fortune to make a big difference in presentation, but the payoff is huge because your customers will get more than they expected.  They'll look forward to ordering again and receiving packages from you because it feels like a gift.

Be realistic when making claims or promises in your business, and then go out of your way to keep them.   Always be looking for inexpensive ways to surprise and delight.  You will build trust and loyalty, turning your customers into your tribe.

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