make merry.

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We take our wholehearted creative businesses seriously.  This is our passion, and we pour our whole selves into it.  But sometimes, we should take a little step back and 

make merry.

As in celebrate how far you've come!  You may still have a to-do list a mile long, and several big goals yet to be reached, but take a look at all you've done so far!  Celebrate that!

Here is what I found when I looked up the definition of merry:

merry  adjective.  merry throngs of students: cheerful, cheery, in high spirits, high-spirited, bright, sunny, smiling, lighthearted, buoyant, lively, carefree, without a care in the world, joyful, joyous, jolly, convivial, festive, mirthful, gleeful, happy, glad, laughing; informal chirpy; formal jocund; dated gay; literary blithe. ANTONYMS miserable.

When was the last time you felt merry about your business?  What can you do to incorporate some merry into what you do on a daily basis?

Maybe you can set aside some time once in a while to just play.  Create something just for the fun of it.  Don't think about whether it will sell or not.  Just enjoy the process and have some fun.

Is there someone in your life you can count on to be genuinely supportive, who will celebrate with you how far you've come?  Maybe you can plan a special night out.  Share your accomplishments and dream together about what's ahead.

Maybe you still have a lot that needs to get done and you feel like you can't take a break to play or go out to celebrate.  (I encourage you to make some time!)  You can change the atmosphere of your workspace just by cranking up some high-spirited music, or light a special candle that creates a nice glow and a pleasing fragrance to your space.

However you can, try to rekindle the joy in what you do.  When you do what you love and pour your whole heart into it, you need to celebrate and recharge so you don't burn out.  YOU are the heart of your business.  Take care and make merry!

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