make something else.

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A couple days ago, I encouraged you to keep pressing on when you hit rough spots in your wholehearted creative business.  While I stand by that, I also acknowledge that there are times you need to take a break and 

make something else.

Sometimes you need to step back or step away from your creative work for a little while.  We're not giving up; we're simply setting the project at hand on the back burner for a couple hours or a day, to focus on something else so that we can come back to it with more clarity and some fresh ideas.

If your'e working on a painting that isn't going the way you want, maybe you can take some time to create some jewelry or sew something instead.  Or get in the kitchen and make some cookies.

You could even get out of your creative work altogether for a bit and go for a hike or take a few hours to go to the beach if you're near the coast.  See a movie with your family or call a girlfriend for shopping or coffee.  Spend time listening to music while walking the dog or go on a date with your husband.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it completely while you're doing it.  Later you can come back to your creative work with fresh eyes.  You may have some new ideas and a different perspective on the task after taking a break.  

You want your creative work to remain wholehearted and inspired, so it's important to allow yourself time to step away now and then.  You'll feel better, and your work will be better for it.

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