make waves.

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In your wholehearted creative business, you don't have to do everything just like everybody else.  It's ok to 

make waves.

Rock the boat a little.  Have some fun.  Shake things up.  Whatever feels authentic to you and your brand, do that.  

You might be like me, searching Pinterest or Google for how to do something specific in your business, clicking through to a website, liking what you see so you subscribe to an email list... And then you repeat the process with the next thing you're curious about or pretty pin you see.  Soon you're subscribed to dozens of email lists, and you start getting advice from all of them daily or weekly in your inbox.

Each one tells you their way is the best way to do things.  Or maybe several of them are giving the same kind of advice on a topic so you think it must be right.  But here's the thing:  if it doesn't feel authentic to you, then it's not right for your business.  If you do things the way everybody else does, just because everybody else is doing it that way, you're going to lose the wholeheartedness of your business.

Here's an example:  Lots of people in online business suggest - no, insist that you have a very specific niche and don't veer away from that.  I struggled with that for a while because I couldn't decide on one thing that I felt I could focus all of my efforts on.  I love making art and mixed media pieces, but I also love to sew handmade items.  I like to leave room for the Holy Spirit to guide my work.  When I was at Gathering of Artisans, I made a necklace, and I really loved the process of working with copper and creating jewelry.  I love trying new things and don't want to limit myself to only one medium.  

The trick for me is to keep things organized well.  Like on my website, I have chosen three broad categories for my blog posts.  During this Write 31 Days project, my posts are about wholehearted creative business, which is in my goals section.  I also plan to devote some time to add more posts to the creativity category, which will have more DIYs and inspiration for creativity.  The faith section is where I write when I'm inspired to share something encouraging that I've learned or a truth that resonates with me from God's Word.

Maybe as my business grows, one area will take precedence over others and I'll narrow in on a more specific niche, but for now, I like a little variety, and I'm good with going against the norm.  

Don't be afraid to do something different from what others are doing or from the advice you get in your inbox.  This is your wholehearted creative business.  Follow the Holy Spirit's leading and do what is right for you.

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