make way.

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As you're growing along in your wholehearted creative business, sticking to the plan, occasionally there will be times something unexpected comes up.  Sometimes you have to choose to ignore these things and stay focused, but other times, it's good to 

make way.

If something comes along that would totally derail you or take your attention off focus too much, then it's best to turn away.  But sometimes there may be a wonderful opportunity to participate in something that, while not on task for your current project, could be a nice supplement and is in line with your overall mission.

I'm thinking of a recent collaboration project between Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Kempton.  Kelly Rae is a mixed media artist who also offers e-courses, including Flying Lessons, which is all about pursuing creative business.  Beth Kempton is all about helping people live their best lives through pursuing their passions.  I can't remember how I first found her, but I took her e-course Do What You Love.  Both of these women are also authors and they pour their heart and soul into their work.  Each of them is on a path, doing incredible work which is so encouraging and inspiring.  Recently, they joined forces and are now offering Hello Soul, Hello Business, a membership for "soul-driven women entrepreneurs".  I have benefited so much from these two individually over the course of my journey.  Now seeing what they've created together (and continue to develop, as this is an ongoing membership community)... it's fantastic.*

Another example is Cori Spieker, the Reset Girl.  She was working full time in the business world, crafting in her free time, and being an entrepreneur wasn't even on her radar.  She needed to cut some stickers, so her husband agreed to do it for her if she would start making her own stickers to sell.  Now this is a full time gig for both of them.  She has created this whole community (with a loyal following on Instagram and YouTube) of planner girls who love her stickers and kits (visit her shop), and she now travels with her husband in an RV, teaching workshops and connecting with her tribe across the country.*

Focus on your goals and work your plan, but also be open for when something might be a great collaboration or opportunity to branch out or grow in a direction you may not have considered before.  Maybe you can team up with another artist to offer a retreat or start a new project together.  Be focused, yet open minded.  Make way for possibility.

*No affiliate connection with these ladies.. just examples of three women who made way for opportunity.  I'm a big fan of all three of these wholehearted creative business ladies.

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