I'm missing Minnesota right now. A lot lately. But especially right now. Joe's grandma passed away this week. Such a sweet sweet lady. I know she's happy and healthy and in a better place now, and that we will see her again one day. But we're missing her. Such a gentle and quiet spirit. She and Joe's grandpa just celebrated 62 years of marriage. She leaves such a legacy.

Family will gather in Minnesota this Sunday to remember and celebrate her life. I love that we had the opportunity to live near enough to visit with all of them for a while. I wish we could be with them now. (I'm thankful that Joe can go. So grateful to his brother for purchasing his ticket to fly.) Prayers for the family are appreciated. Grieving our loss while celebrating Heaven's gain. I love to get lost in my thoughts, imagining what it must be like there.

(The image above is from my art journal last January. We were in transition, getting ready to move back to CA from MN. We were only there for six months, but part of my heart still remains.)