new school year

My kids started their new school year yesterday. This year I have two in high school, as junior and a freshman. I love their relationship. They did their share of arguing when they were little, but now they are so close. They tease each other and sometimes annoy one another, but they love each other and enjoy doing things together. They look out for each other and are really good friends. Makes my momma heart so happy.

And my little ones.  3rd and 1st graders. I was so impressed with my Mercy when she found out that her two favorite friends would not be in her class.  She said, "It's ok. Making new friends is kind of a talent of mine. My whole class will be my friends." Since preK, Mercy has been to a new school every year until now (Zeke has too). They all had a good first day, love their teachers and their new school campus (same school, different campus). One of the things I love about the school they go to is the sense of community and parent involvement. They require parents to volunteer a certain number of hours throughout the year and the teachers welcome help in the classroom all the time. At this point, my work schedule is such that I can be available during the week to be at school with them sometimes. 

It also affords me the time to put into my handmade business. I've been setting goals and have been planning and making some new things... there will be a shop update and more regular writing very soon.