no power here

Galinda 1

My daughter Brooklyn and her cousins just finished performing in The Wizard of Oz through our local community college.  My beautiful niece Melody Joy played the part of the good witch, and she fit the role perfectly.  Melody has this sweet way about her, bringing joy and light wherever she goes.  My sister Michelle saw the play before I did, and told me to watch closely and really tune in to this one particular scene.  Melody came out onto the stage so lovely and sparkling, full of grace and poised so beautifully.  The bad witch showed up in all her evil glory and scared the munchkins and threatened Dorothy.  But Glinda (Melody) remained perfectly calm and cheery.  She laughed her sweet laugh and said, "Silly witch, you have no power here."  And she was unaffected by the taunting of the evil one.

Michelle said she immediately thought of me when she saw that, and said that I've been walking with grace through this season but there have been things that trip me up a little bit and attempt to steal my joy.  Times when I've been fearful and times when I've given into the lies of feeling unworthy, unlovable, unattractive, uncertain, unaccepted and disqualified.  I need to remain peaceful and full of good cheer.  Resting in that blessed assurance of knowing that Jesus is mine (and I am His!).  When I abide in Him, I know that I'm covered.  Nothing that tries to come against me can steal my peace or my joy.  There is such comfort in that.  His spirit in me helps me to keep going, to embrace friendliness instead of bitterness, to offer hope to others, and assurance to my little munchkins that (because of God's love and protection) everything is going to be okay.

I've been marinating in Psalm 37 for the last week or two.  I love reading different translations, and this one is particularly good in the Amplified.  It's extra wordy, but I love that.  It is full of promise and full of hope.  And I love that every time it talks about the righteous, it is preceded by either [uncompromisingly] or [consistently] righteous.  Good reminder to stay on track.  I don't need to worry about what anyone else is doing.  I just fix my eyes on Jesus and walk with Him.  Whether this path takes us through happy meadows or dark valleys, as long as I'm arm in arm with Him, all is well.  The wicked has no power here.