prayer binders

I’m working on a digital prayer binder and thought I’d share a little peak:

daybyday_jenuineruby prayer binder.jpg

All of the tabs are links to those sections or pages. It’s super cool (if I do say so myself) to have this because you can totally customize it with digital artwork (even emojis), as well as graphics and photos. You can add handwritten notes and text boxes to keep notes about what specific things you are praying for people, ministries, etc.

I have a physical prayer binder (which I love). I have had others in the past (I still have one I’ve used off and on for years), but this one was inspired by Cori Spieker (aka The Reset Girl). You can see her prayer binder videos on YouTube here. You can also search “prayer binder” or “war room binder” on YouTube or Pinterest and find tons of inspiration. Most of the products I used in this prayer binder are from The Reset Girl and Illustrated Faith.

librarypocket_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

I used the PRAY acronym for the sections, and made tabs from Cori’s Camp Reset collection. The last section is for notes and miscellaneous things.

tabs_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

At the moment, the Ask section is the fullest because I have pages for each family member, plus lots of things I want to remember to pray for throughout the week. This awareness inspires me to add more to my Praise section. There are so many things and people I want to take to God in prayer, but there are countless more reasons to be thankful and praise Him. In my digital prayer binder, I have made two sub sections for Praise: for who He is and for what He’s done.

daily_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

The first page in my Ask section is a picture of our family. I want to continually remember to pray for each individual as well as the whole family through all life’s joys and challenges.

family_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

Each family member also has their own page. I used slip pockets for the pictures, so I can change them as desired. On the left page, I add a Bible verse for each person, and a sticky note for specific prayer requests.

Brooklyn_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

This page is all about surrender. Pausing each morning to submit my will and my plans, and asking God to use me for His glory. I want the Holy Spirit to flow through the dreams, interests, skills and gifts He’s given me.

mywholeheart_jenuineruby prayer binder.jpg

I used some pages and pockets from The Reset Girl’s Simple Stories collection. The prayers in the pocket are from I copied and pasted them in a word document and then cut them up to put in the pocket.

Hehearsme_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG

This is in the Yield section. The idea is to have a place to journal and include things that God puts on your heart as you spend time with Him. For me, this is sometimes a Bible verse, other times a song, parts of a sermon, or whatever God speaks to me.

calledtoencourage_jenuineruby prayer binder.jpg

Back to the digital prayer binder. I decided to make a digital version of the same kind, so that I can carry it with me all the time. I use the app GoodNotes on my iPad, and also have access to it on my phone (super handy!). I have completed the basics of the digital planner, and am now working on customizing mine. I will share more pictures on Instagram, and then will make the digital prayer binder available as a free download once I’ve completed a flip through and instructional video that will show how to upload and customize your own. Interested? Fill in your email below to be the first to know when it’s ready!

Ephesians 3:20_jenuineruby prayer binder.JPG