reminiscing:: my little valentines

Happy Valentines Day!  I was up early this morning, setting out Valentine treats for my kids and remembered a couple of past Valentines Days, when my boys were babies.  I found some dark lipstick, smooched them up real good and took pictures of my little Valentines.


Mmmm... I love love love the smell of baby's breath.  (that is, before foods are introduced.. then the smells of lots of things change.)


Zeke was my little Valentine baby in 2000.  I wonder if he'll let me put kisses all over his face today before school?


And this was Judah in 2009.  My littlest love.  Poor guy didn't sleep well last night (which means momma didn't either) he has a fever and a cough.  Lots of snuggles for this one today.

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