A couple weekends ago I went on a women's retreat with some ladies from my church. This is a yearly thing and I always look forward to it so much. The timing for this year's retreat really could not have been more perfect.

This was the view from my room (shared with three dear friends)...


We were at Zephyr Cove in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I could so get used to waking up to these views every morning.


It was so nice to get away and have some girl time.


We were romanced with this peaceful atmosphere and amazing scenery by the Lover of our Souls. Meals were made for us, our sheets were washed for us and our rooms cleaned when we were finished.


We played crazy games, sang silly songs and got into deep heart level worship. We laughed and cried. We prayed and listened, caught up with each other and got real.


We deepened some friendships and began a few new ones. I was so blessed. It's always a little hard coming "down the mountain" from these amazing weekends, but I was refreshed, full of peace, and ready to love on my kids.

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