Yesterday morning, he did it.  He's been looking like he's been close to rolling over for quite a while now.  I have to admit, with moving and everything, I wasn't in a big hurry.  I liked that if I laid him down somewhere and walked away, he'd still be there when I got back.  This boy has such a sweet, mellow personality.. he just isn't in a hurry to do much.  And that's just fine with me.  While I was getting breakfast going for the older kids yesterday, I put Judah on the floor (carpet) nearby.  He was just laying there quietly, and after about five minutes I looked over and noticed he was on his tummy!  No one had gone over to him and rolled him over (they like to do this).  He was just chillin' on his tummy, propped up by his elbows, chewing on his hands.  He's so quiet about everything.  We couldn't make a big deal about it when it happened because we didn't know!  Of course the kids all rushed over to him and congratulated him once we noticed.  Maybe I can't call him a roller yet, because he's only done it once (that I know of... maybe he's secretly rolling all over the place and is so good, he gets back to where he started by the time I'm looking... or maybe not).  He'll be six months old tomorrow (Zeke's birthday.. his half birthday).  Some have been rolling for months by this age, some crawling... not Judah.  He just likes to hang out and watch everybody.  And that's just fine with me.


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