I'm not sure what kind of ride I'm on right now, but it feels like a mixture of those three. Highs and lows, ups and downs, free falls and slow climbs, spinning, spinning. This last week has been a doozy.

Our sweet Zekey boy turned 10 last Saturday. It seems like he was just the little one on my hip, and now he's hit the double digits. I'm so pleased with the young man he's turning out to be. Crazy, fun, loving, sweet, thoughtful, considerate. I love that kid.

And Brooklyn started school this week. I could write a whole page about all the emotions that brings up. We've been homeschooling the last few years, so this is big for us. And she's in middle school now. (!!!!!) The school she's going to is a perfect transition from homeschooling. It's a Waldorf-methods school, and is much like what we were doing at home. Or really I should say it's much like what we were striving to do at home. She's loving it. She went on a hike for her first day, and is very excited about all of the activities that are incorporated into daily learning. Zeke now hopes he can go too. So far, the fourth grade class is full, but he's on a waiting list so we're hoping that he'll get in at some point.

For now, though, that means I'm homeschooling him. After work. Which I get up at 3am for. I'm really hoping he gets into the school because I'm afraid I just won't have the energy to put into making his learning fun and meaningful.

But at the same time, I'm really sad to think that our homeschooling journey may be over. Of course they learn at home still, through our activities and just through life. But I'll miss some of those teachable moments throughout the day with them. And I'll miss the freedom of being able to take spontaneous trips and outings.

Work is fun, but I suck at doing drive-thru and would be happy to never work that part again. I like taking orders, interacting with people who come in. Learning their names and their drinks. I was a bit frazzled this morning trying to keep up with taking someone's order (which is so much harder in drive thru, navigating through different screens, pushing all the buttons to modify drink orders), while ringing someone else up and making some of the drinks. Please be kind to your drive thru baristas. Much multi tasking is required, and your patience is so appreciated!

I'm thankful for the Retrieval Project. It's keeping me painting, which I might not afford myself the opportunity of doing if it weren't for the deadlines we've given ourselves through the project. I would so love to be doing art full time and making decent money at it. I would also love the time to do more sewing and creating patterns. And while I'm talking about hopes and wishes, I'd also love to have more energy to cook nice healthy meals for my family. Lately it's pasta, quick burritos, cereal, whatever. I love to cook but just don't have the energy lately.

This is a season. And thankfully seasons change. We'll get through this time, and I'm finding moments to savor in the midst of it... but I'm ready for it all to slow down anytime.