shop, swap, blog: Jasemin

I recently participated in

shop, swap, blog

. The idea was for partners to send each other something from their personal shops and then blog about it. This was a fun project to participate in, and I love the things I received.

The first package that came to me was from


. She makes lovely jewelry and sells them in her

etsy shop

. We emailed each other and decided to choose which items we'd like to receive in the swap. She chose my


art print, and I threw in a

coffee sleeve

for fun. She posted about it


on her blog.

I received this. Sweet packaging, which always makes a good impression of a shop and the effort spent by the seller.

And inside, this lovely necklace.

She uses lace pieces in her jewelry and I think it's adorable. She has lots of other beautiful things in her shop too.

Here is a little more about Jasemin:

·Online Shop Address:

·Blog Address:

·A bit about yourself: I’m an accountant by day, a part-time MBA student by night, and a jewelry designer/maker on the weekends. I figure that accounting and finance will come in handy when I have my own business someday, but I just can’t wait to be done with school now, so then I can focus more time and energy on my shop.

I love jewelry. Period. Either making it or buying it. Whenever I go shopping, the first place I usually look at is the accessories/jewelry section. I think a piece of jewelry or accessory can totally change an outfit! I don’t have a particular favorite brand; just anything unusual and pretty, I’ll like.

What made you start your business I’ve been making and enjoyed making jewelry as gifts for friends since high school. Regrettably, I stopped awhile when I started my current job and school. And that’s why I want to start my own etsy shop now as a way to keep myself creative. At the end of the week, after the long hours of number-crunching from my job, it’s nice to do something enjoyable.

And I have always wanted to have my own business someday. With friends’ encouragement and the discovery of (which makes it easier to have my own shop), I decided that I shouldn’t wait and just launched my etsy shop this summer.

·What you plan to accomplish with your business I don’t have particularly big plans yet for my business; I like to take small steps at a time. So far, I’ve been making most sales to friends and eventually, planning to sell in an upcoming craft fair in the city.

·What you get most out of having your own business people’s comments- either compliments or suggestions on my designs. They’ve been very supportive and encouraging. And I got to meet some awesome, talented and crafty friends along the way.

·Your favorite independently owned online shop

nice package.

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