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I had two partners for shop, swap, blog.  The second was

Polly Danger

.  Take a look at what she sent me:

I love, love, love this pouch.  I've already put it to good use.  It's currently holding a pair of sewing scissors, my pins and needles book (I'll have some of these in my shop soon!), some thread, and a few coffee sleeves that need the handstitching done.  I really love this pouch!  The mini wallet is super cute, too.  I'm thinking maybe library cards so that they're all handy and in one spot.

I also received this super cute tin:

Look how adorable these thumbtacks are!  I can't wait to put up a bulletin board and use these!  I love that she used vintage and repurposed fabrics.  What a great way to use up tiny bits leftover from other projects!

And that's not all!  There were also a few of these sweet little birdie patches included!  

More about Polly (in her own words):







about:  My name is Ixchel P. Lechuga and I run Polly Danger, a sewn goods and notions shop for those who need cute like they need air.  I've been crafting just about as long as I've been called "Polly", so basically since birth.

I live in sunny Southern California in a small cottage with my favorite person, Eric, Grandma, and three ridiculously awesome dogs, who I like to feature on my blog as often as possible.

I started Polly Danger out of a desire to make cute things, but it has evolved into a desire to help others make cute things as well!  I now carry a line of really beautiful handmade bias tapes, sewing notions, kits and patterns and I hope to make these my sole focus in the years to come.

The best thing about owning my own business is the constant flow of creative energy in my life.  When I had a "real" job I had to reserve the truly "Polly" part of myself for weekends and the occasional craft show.  Now I get to spend my days playing with whatever ideas pop into my head!  My husband and I have made lots of sacrifices so that we can both work from home, and that we get to spend our days making things and feeding off of each other's creativity is unbelievably wonderful.

My favorite independently owned online shop is definitely

McMaster and Storm

.  It's like shopping in granny's attic, minus the dust, multiply the wonderment x 10.  So lovely.

Thanks Polly!  So fun swapping with both you and Jasemin!  I may get addicted to this swapping thing!


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