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with some super soft baby blankets. I actually made these for a holiday faire I participated in back in November. I would have uploaded them earlier to my shop but I was hoping for a photo shoot with a newborn for the listings. I decided instead of waiting for that opportunity, I'd get the goods online. These are the softest, coziest blankets around. Perfect for newborns and growing toddlers. I'm not sure why I've taken to naming my items... I guess it's just easier than describing each one by color/pattern/etc. I just go with the first name that pops into my head.








"true love"




This is our little guy with his blanket. He is quite attached to it. When he's sleepy, all he needs is a pacifier and his blanket. A few weeks ago he was by the back (sliding glass) door, crying. I went over to him and saw that his blanket had been left outside, just outside the door. I got it for him and went to the kitchen. Not two minutes later I turned around and he was sound asleep on the carpet, snuggled up with his beloved blanket. He often brings it to me throughout the day and says, "here you go." Then he either waits for me to throw it over my shoulder and scoop him up so he can rest his head on it, or he turns around and waits for me to wrap it around him, as pictured here. Such a little pumpkin, that boy. Look at those eyes. They melt me.