sisterly fashion show

This is Brooklyn.


She loves to organize things and plan events of all kinds. This morning, she planned a fashion show with her little sister. Brooklyn currently loves to wear dresses and skirts. Mercy, not so much. So this morning, Brooklyn got some of Mercy's dresses out of the closet and coaxed her into trying them on. Mercy was a good sport, and quite the little model. She got to pick out her own shoes and sweaters/jackets to go with the dresses. They had me wait outside and Brooklyn announced Mercy with each outfit, describing the ensemble.


This first picture was kind of dark, so we moved from the backyard to the front for better light. I still like this photo though, especially with the little skateboarder in the background. Maybe I'll share a video of him tomorrow. (My Nikon is out of commission right now.. again. I'm thinking I should have gone with a Cannon. But the iphone is doing a good job capturing my cuties for now!)


(You may notice our grass is... umm... thirsty. I notice this daily too, but keep forgetting to do something about it. Maybe tomorrow.)


This is one of my very favorite thrift store finds in a really long time. This picture doesn't totally capture it, and the ribbon came off when she tried it on this morning. It's such a darling dress, and it fits her perfectly. Hopefully she'll wear it again and again and I'll get some better photos next time.

I hope you enjoyed this little fashion show! I sure did!!!

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