the tide is turning

In January, I wrote about this being a year of transition for our family. In February, I got engaged (!!!) and started working part time at a Christian preschool. Earlier this month, I accepted a full time position as assistant director of the preschool, and assumed my new role last week.

I also submitted my letter of resignation to my beloved Starbucks, which was very bittersweet. I loved my job there, and all the people I worked with and served, but it was time to move on. My degree is in Intercultural Child Development, and it's good to be working in a preschool setting again.

This is the first time I've worked full time outside the home since having children, so it's a big adjustment, especially with baseball season happening! Between us, Al and I have six children, and four of them are playing baseball or softball. I'm thankful for a 17 year old daughter who helps with the driving, and for my boss, who is trying to accommodate my schedule so that I can be at as many games as possible.

The next few months will continue to bring change, as we prepare for our June wedding and look for a place to live and bring our families together. God is good! It's so amazing to think of where we were 5 years ago, and the journey He has brought us on. At times it has been very hard, very lonely, very discouraging.. but all along, God has been by my side (and by Al's side in his journey). He has helped us nurture and guide our children along the way, and now He's bringing our families together and provided a new job for me. His faithfulness is truly great!

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