the wait is over

(part of my "


" painting from

the Retrieval Project


A while back I


with you that I applied for this year's

Renegade Craft

Fair in San Francisco. I was pretty proud of myself for being brave enough to put myself out there and apply. I knew that there were lots and lots of applicants, and that plenty of really great artists and crafters don't get in simply because they only have so many spaces to fill. Still I hoped. I figured my chances were slim, but it was worth a shot. Today was the day I got the news. I tried to distract myself all day but I watched my inbox like a hawk. Finally it came, and though I wasn't really shocked that I wasn't accepted, I was sad. I took it harder than I thought I would. I didn't break down or anything, but I felt a little hurt and rejected.

I tried to look on the bright side: the money I paid would be refunded and now I'd have shopping money when I go instead. I saw several others tweet that they were accepted, and I was happy for them, really. But I was sad that my work wasn't good enough. I'll definitely keep making things and I will absolutely apply again.

After dinner tonight I went out to paint my blues away. I started on four different paintings and soon I'll have my collaboration with Brooklyn done. It definitely helped to lift my spirits. That and the four sweet kids who kept coming in to see me while I worked.

Joe comes home tomorrow. We get to have a family day before he goes back to work on Sunday.

My sincerest congratulations to anyone reading who did get accepted to Renegade. I'll look forward to visiting your booth (and possibly spending some of my reject money!)


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