two capes and an apron

Mercy was invited to a birthday party today. It's a princess party (as in Ariel will be coming to visit) and apparently the little girls are dressing up as princesses. We don't have any of the Disney princess costumes, but Brooklyn came up with this great idea to dress Mercy up as Snow White and asked if I had any red fabric for a cape.


I did a quick check in my stash and found this... umm not sure really what type of fabric. It's sort of suede-like soft and when you cut it, it doesn't fray. Score! It was a large piece, so I cut it in half. Since the fabric didn't fray, I decided not to finish all the edges. I just made a quick casing and decided to string some yarn through for a tie. Ribbon would be nice too, but yarn was handier.


After she was dressed she said, "where's my king?" And as I was sewing, Joe got Judah dressed. Sweet Prince Charming shirt and a Bible Man cape made him the perfect match for his big sister. She was thrilled.


Not sure why she's looking sad here....


but a quick hug from her "king" seemed to make it all better.


Brooklyn asked me to make the other half into a cape for her. She was happy to put it on and said she'll probably even wear it to school. Love that girl's style!


Two super simple red capes in about 20 minutes tops.


This craft apron is another Style School project. I'm not sure I'm loving it. I wanted to make one that I could use while doing crafts and also to wear to craft fairs. I love the fabrics and they're super soft (corduroys and the base is an upholstery fabric)... I think I made it too big though. I may tuck under the top and re-sew it so that it hits at a more comfy spot around the waist. I may add a few embellishments too, just wasn't sure exactly what yet.


Little loop for hanging things. I decided to sew the loop closed under the pocket, and will use a little carabiner to hang whatever I need.


This was my first ever attempt at using the decorative stitch settings on my sewing machine. I like how it turned out and will definitely use this more often!


I really


need to get some fabric labels made.