Need a little nudge?

Do you have a dream or a goal that you can’t shake, but you also have a busy life and don’t know if you’ll ever find the time or energy to pursue it?  Do you feel stuck and discouraged because you know you were made for a purpose that keeps getting pushed to the back burner?

I'm just like you. I have dreams, hopes and goals... but also fears, insecurities and hurdles. I've found the key to progress is to focus on the former without ignoring the latter.

I want to encourage you in your pursuit of reaching for your dreams (whether creative, spiritual, health & wellness, business or otherwise). Women crave community. Knowing that we're not alone, that someone else has overcome the same obstacles we're facing now. 

We get stuck. Our creativity seems non-existent, our hope seems to be fading, and it seems like our dreams will never become reality.

I've gone through seasons of high hopes and lofty goals, as well as seasons of feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I encourage you to keep going. 

Don't ever give up on you. YOU ARE SO WORTH IT. 

The road may be long and challenging, but the end is probably not as far off as it seems, and you'll be so glad you stuck it out.

I'm here to encourage and inspire you. I share hope, offer tips, and nudge you to go after that thing you can't stop thinking about. Let's be doers instead of only dreamers. Let's make things happen instead of just wishing things could be different.

I'll let you in on a little secret: Some site authors offer wisdom and advice as experts who have already arrived at their goals... I'm here to say,

"Let's all hold hands and do this together."

I'm still on a journey myself. I'll share tips and strategies that I use, as well as what hasn't worked for me. Whatever it is you're pursuing, I've found it's much more enjoyable when you're not alone.

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